Pindi Bhatia: MPA of PML-N, Rana Jamil kidnapped

PINDI BHATIA: Some unknown men on Saturday morning kidnapped the MPA of PML-N, Rana Jamil from Pindi Bhatia, near Sial Mor, whereas the Chief Minister of Punjab has taken an immediate notice on the particular issue, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, Rana Jamil after attending a funeral ceremony of a friend in sector PP-174 was heading off to Islamabad with his wife, where some unknown men hindered their car on Sial Mor (25 kilometers away for Pindi Bhatia) and kidnapped him on gunpoint. The kidnappers left the car and Rana Jamil’s wife on the Sial Mor road.

Immediately after the incident, the DPO of Hafizabad arrived at the incident site with his security force.

On the other hand, brother of Rana Jamil, Rana Waqeel Hassan revealed that the kidnappers have asked for 50 million rupees as a ransom amount.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has taken an immediate notice on the regarding issue and has asked for detailed investigation and submission of the report, whereas he has also asked to take immediate actions to set Rana Jamil free from the kidnappers.