Peshawar: Nurses of Medical Complex on strike, three patients expired

PESHAWAR: Nurses of Hayatabad Medical Complex called in a strike earlier and abandoned their duties, due to which three patients, including two women and one child lost their lives, Aaj News reported.

According to the reports, two women and one child was reported dead, when the nurses of Hayatabad Medical Complex abandoned their services and duties to provide immediate and adequate treatment to the patients of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the family member’s of the patients who lost their lives have claimed the authority to take a strict action against the nurses, who were suppose to treat the patients.

The family members of the patients, who lost their lives, due to this strike, protested in front of the hospital, whereas they also damaged a part of hospital and broke glasses during the protest.

After the tension gripped within the entity of the hospital between nurses and the family members, police took the charge and tried to negotiate with the family members, who later agreed upon a mutual point and ended the protest.

On the other hand, the nurses of Hayatabad Medical Complex claimed to carry on the protest against those doctors, who were involved in torturing incident, which took place earlier, whereas they have also asked the higher authority to take a strict action against those doctors.