Peshawar: Nurses boycott all duties including emergency services

PESHAWAR: Nurses of three renowned hospitals of Peshawar, along with the nurses of Hayatabad Medical Complex have boycotted from the medical duties including emergency services, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, nurses of three renowned hospitals along with the nurses of Hayatabad Medical Complex have abandoned their medical services, after the incident of the Doctor, who tormented a nurse in Hayatabad Medical Complex took place.

Nurses of Hayatabad Medical Complex have called in a protest for the fourth day, whereas the nurses have demanded the hospital authorities to dismiss the doctor from his associated position.

According to the General Secretary Nurses Association, Anwar Sultana, a doctor associated to Hayatabad Medical Complex tormented a nurse, due to which the nurses have called in this protest. Anwar Sulatana also claimed that no particular action against the Doctor have been taken yet, whereas Anwar Sultana challenged the authorities that the nurses won’t join back their duties until that particular doctor will be removed off from his designation.

It is pertinent to know that a nurse, named Ghazala, who was given her duty in the ICU ward, went into Doctor Yaseen’s room, where Dr. Yaseen, unable to control his aggravating attitude, slapped her on her face