Pak-India to pursue agenda of peace and development: Basit

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani High Commissioner in India Abdul Basit has said that both Indo-Pak premiers shared mutual agenda of peace and prosperity which is significant for the region.

Talking to a private news channel, he said that the similar agenda will take both the nations forward.

Basit said, Pakistan has always been trying to enhance the cooperation with India in every sphere of life like other diplomatic nations around the world.

To a question, he said that the ruling Indian party’s external vision is almost the same as it was in Vajpayee’s reign thus it gives a positive message to Pakistan in current scenario.

“Whenever, BJP government comes into power in India the relations between India and Pakistan start getting normalized,” he added.

He said that the current situation in South Asia requires both India and Pakistan to avoid the conflicts and move forward.

He hoped that Modi’s government will bring positive change in the regional politics and increase cooperation in trade sector.

He said that relations between the two countries were always reciprocal and that can be witnessed in the recent interaction between India and Pakistan.

To another question, he said that incumbent government of Pakistan is making sure to remove the reservation of certain sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Textile and Auto Mobiles regarding trade with India.

“We want restoration of composite dialogue process to address the core issues like Kashmir and Siachin that are the main reason of conflict between the two nations, “he added.

Basit analyzed that the trust deficit was the biggest hurdle between Pakistan and India that was halting the normalization process.

He said diplomats always play positive role for increasing bilateral relations between the two countries.