Oldest lion of Lahore Zoo ‘JUMBO’ passes away

LAHORE: The oldest lion of Lahore zoo named JUMBO died at the age of 18, as he was the most seen animal of the zoo, visitors from all around Pakistan used to come to Lahore zoo to see him, Aaj News reported on Tuesday.

According to the reports, it was the natural death of the Jumbo.  Jumbo, had reportedly stopped eating food since the past one week.

Injections and vitamins were being given to the animal in order to revive his health but Jumbo passed away today. Experts claimed that the average life of a lion is 15 to 18 years and JUMBO had already completed this age limit.

It is pertinent to know that he was born in Lahore zoo in 1998.

The people requested the government to take measures to save the wildlife.