New budget expected to fail, petrol prices likely to rise

by Sumaira Shiraz

The newly appointed Govt. who professed earlier to ease the citizens of this state with better facilitation and lifestyle are likely expected to break down in their upcoming budget of their presidency.

The to-be presented budget is likely not in favor for common citizens, for whom the reach of petrol is already hard-bitten and now the Govt. is making it more vigorous for those citizens by increasing the petrol prices in their upcoming budget.

The increase in petroleum price is expected to increase from tomorrow, June 1. The raise in the prices per liter would be in the manner of:

Petrol—–Rs 2.95
High Octane—– Rs 4.65
High Speed Diesel—– Rs 1.98
Kerosene—– 52 paise
Light Diesel—– Rs 3

The final decision regarding the fixed hike in the prices of particular commodities is to be taken today on Saturday during the budget finalizing meeting.

On one hand, the newly appointed President and his bench promised the nation to ease the citizens by their decisions and efforts, but on the other had the same Govt. is trying to smash a double-handed game by afflicting the people, who chose them for the associated designation. So, should everything be dependent upon earning profit or Humanity has to be a part of the political world?

DISCLAIMER: The prices mentioned above may vary, as the fixed price list will be revealed after the final budget meeting.