Necessary steps to be taken to help vulnerable people: Dar

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Finance, Mohammad Ishaq Dar here on Wednesday said that government believes in poverty alleviation and will take all necessary steps to help the vulnerable people in the country.

Talking to British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Philip Barton who called on him, the minister said that these steps will help reduce the poverty and promote economic activity in the country.

Ishaq Dar said that government will continue with its reform agenda for the sake of the people of Pakistan.

The High Commissioner informed that the visit of the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister to United Kingdom had a very positive impact on enhancing cooperation between the two countries.

He also informed that the business meeting held in London went very well and provided an opportunity to stock markets and fund managers to know about the development taking place in Pakistan.

He said that it reflects the confidence of the international investors which is growing each day in favour of Pakistan because of the prudent economic policies of the government.

Country Head of Department for International Development (DFID), Richard Montgomery who accompanied the High Commissioner discussed issues related to aid from UK and social safety programmes.

He said that with the focus of the present government to social safety programmes, we are encouraged that the government is not only pro-business but it is also pro-people.

The meeting was also attended by Rana Assad Amin, Advisor to Finance Division and other senior officials of the Finance Ministry.