Nawaz says his visit can turn a new page in Pakistan-India ties

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said on Monday said that his visit to India could help turn a new page in the bilateral relations between Pakistan and India, terming it “a chance to reach out to each other”.

According to the transcript of the Prime Minister’s interview to an Indian television channel issued by Pakistan’s High Commission in India, Nawaz Sharif said it was a great moment as well as a great opportunity.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in New Delhi to attend the swearing-in of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said both the governments had a strong mandate that could help in turning a new page in their relations.

He said no two nations had ever possessed as many cultural and traditional similarities as existed between India and Pakistan.

“Why should we not turn the similarities into our strength,” the Prime Minister said, adding that he was very much looking forward to meeting Narendra Modi.

The Prime Minister said both the countries should remove fears, mistrust and misgivings about each other and work together to rid the region of instability and insecurity that had plagued the two for decades.

Nawaz Sharif said he intended to take up threads of bilateral ties from where Vajpayee and he had left off in 1999.