Nawaz-Modi meeting normalized Pak-India ties: analysts

ISLAMABAD: Dean Faculty of Contemporary Studies at NDU Islamabad Dr. Perviz Iqbal Cheema has said meeting between Pak-India prime ministers was a very positive development towards a conducive environment.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that “accepting Narendra Modi’s invitation was a very wise decision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif”.

He said Indian media welcomed the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed his attitude and wants friendly relations with Pakistan, he added.

Defence analyst Brig (Retd) Farooq Hameed Khan said: “We have to resolve the core issues with India in order to normalise relations. I think without resolution of core issues, permanent peace cannot be restored in South Asia”.

Modi will try to make India a powerful country in economic and strategic terms. “If India wants economic development and prosperity, it should have friendly relations with all its neighbours especially Pakistan,” he added.

Peaceful relations between Pakistan and India were very important for the development of South Asia, he said and added “People-to-people contact should also be established between the two countries. Economic relations between the two countries will be beneficial for the whole region.”