Mother gives birth to baby boy in Coma-state

Melissa Carleton gave birth to a 5 pounds, 9-ounce, healthy baby boy in a coma-state at the University of San Francisco Medical Center on Thursday.

According to Melissa Carleton’s husband, she was the first one to feel her baby boy, as after the delivery done by C-section, the new born was kept on Carleton’s chest to feel his first touch and warmness.

Carleton 39-years-old went in a coma-state in March after suffering a strong seizure caused by brain tumor. Carleton is unable to speak or move, but she can respond by moving her eyeballs.

Carleton was 26 weeks pregnant, when she went in comma, whereas she carried a full term pregnancy without affecting the child.

The diagnosis of brain tumor was done earlier, when Carleton was suffering from severe headache, and was bought in the emergency room.

The following morning, Carleton had a seizure in which a part of the brain was damaged and she went a comma-state. The doctors, who were waiting for Carleton’s pregnancy term to end didn’t waited any more and went for an emergency surgery, after which Carleton’s tumor was finally treated, but she was unable to fully wake up. As, she was able to respond only through rotating her eyes, she was really confused about loosing her child, who was yet to come in this world. She was worried for the cause that if her child comes in this world, she won’t be able to see him grow up or she won’t be able to meet him.

But Carleton’s husband wanted her to meet her new born baby first, and this is how Carleton’s new born baby boy was put close to her chest, so that she could feel him and give her his first loving touch.