‘Morning shows’ what they actually are, entertaining or fanciful ???


‘Morning show’ has become a trend in our society, no doubt that this culture has begun with great charm and interest in Pakistan. Every channel is running after having its own morning show. It’s more like starting your day with the stars instead of your family.

Nowadays, Pakistani households have a large list of morning shows to choose from as soon as the clock strikes 9am. Morning show’s culture has started a race among stars and other media personnel’s as well.

No doubt that the ongoing trends of presenting the morning shows have gathered huge audiences. In this regard, the popularity of the hosts has increased quite a lot. You may find various actors and actress as morning shows’ anchors including Sanam Baloch, Shaista Wahidi, Faisal Qureshi, Momal Sheikh, Savera Nadeem, Fahad Mustafa and etc. All of them are working with great dedication and enthusiasm for their viewers. They present unique, entertaining, controversial, interesting shows and above all; fanciful at the same time. No doubt they have groomed the housewives quite a lot, but they are not for the working women.

Sometimes, on the name of entertainment, these shows highlight such things which are unethical or not acceptable in the society on religious or other grounds. The recent issue of a private channel’s morning show is the biggest example of this point. The anchor hurt the emotions of the people by showing vulgarity in her morning show during a wedding ceremony, which became the reason of the suspension of her show.

I must say that the wedding ceremonies must be excluded from the morning shows, because it is totally the wastage of money. The right amount must be spent on the right cause.

All in all, there must be a limit to these morning shows in terms of money, talks and their number. At least, some worthwhile material should be shown in the morning shows so that the viewers can get benefits from these shows.