Load shedding increases from 12 to 15 hours in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: The heatwave experienced in cities and towns has become worse as load shedding duration has increased from 12 to 15 hours a day.

Load shedding has badly disturbed life of the people of Hyderabad and its duration is increasing day by day which is enhancing frustration among common people.

Hundreds of electrical and digital appliances went out of order following power outage and fluctuations in different parts of the city. The citizens of the city are already suffering hardship due to scorching heat and the hours-long power outage as well as low and high voltage brought their lives more miserable.

Markets were deserted and many people closed their businesses early, unable to bear the heat.

As the summer season is round the corner, the power load shedding has increased and that is also without any announced schedule.

The unannounced power outages are creating many problems for the people. A number of residents of different localities complained that the schedule of the power load shedding had not been observed for the last three days.

Residents of different localities complained of the prolong power suspension and water shortage. They appealed to higher authorities to solve their problems in this hot season.

People also appealed to government to take practical steps and measures to overcome this issue as first priority.

Source: APP