Karachi: Roof of fireworks factory collapses, three labors killed

KARACHI: Roof of a firecracker factory located in Malir area, Memon Goth collapsed after a blast , due to which three labors were reported to be dead, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, a roof of firecracker factory collapsed after a high-intensity explosion, due to which three labors were unable to manage their way out and were cemented under the debris of the roof and later died.

The sources revealed that the explosion occurred during the making of firecrackers, whereas due to the roof collapse, one person and five children were reported to be cemented down in the debris.

The rescue teams arrived at the incident site immediately, whereas the rescue officials managed to rescue two children and one adult labor of the factory, but unfortunately three children , who were working inside the factory were unable to be rescued.

Right after the incident, some prominent personalities also arrived at the incident site, including Haleem Adil Shiekh and Sajid Jokhio.