Investigation of the girl murdered outside Lahore Court underway

LAHORE: Investigation in regard to the murder of a pregnant woman outside Lahore Court is underway , whereas Chief Minister of Punjab has set up an investigation team under the supervision of DIG officials.

The sources revealed that an immediate investigation is underway in regard to the murder of Farzana, the victim, who was brutally stoned down by her own family members outside Lahore Court, whereas the authorities have come up with some useful information after the preliminary investigation.

Farzana, the victim was a resident of Faisalabad, Juranwala. She married a man, named Muhammad Iqbal last year in January by her own wish. This was Farzana’s and Muhammad Iqbal’s second marriage.

The victim was blamed by her ex-husband and her own family members to marry again without suspending her first marriage. The accused were continuously threatening Farzana with life threats, due to which Farzana took shelter is Darul Aman shelter housing.

On the other hand, Farzana’s second husband, Muhammad Iqbal is already charged on a murder suspect for killing his first wife.

The sources revealed that Farzana’s first husband was also present and participated in the brutal act of pebbling down Farzana outside Lahore Court, due to which she died at the spot.

It is pertinent to know that Farzana came for the hearing in the court registered against her for marrying for the second time without terminating her first marriage. The preliminary report has already been submitted to the Chief Minister.