Hafizabad: Polling of By-election in sector PP-107 continues

HAFIZABAD: Polling of By-elections in sector PP-107 is being continued today in which PML-N leader Chaudary Sarfraz Bhatti and PTI leader Nighat Intisar are expected to have an interesting candidacy.

Polling for the particular sector is taking place in 154 polling stations, whereas the polling session started from 8:00 AM in the morning and will continue till 5:00 AM in the evening.

The sources revealed that the security arrangements in the particular polling stations is uncertain, whereas the authorities claims that 629 police officials have been deployed in various polling stations. The total voters of the associated sector are 1,53,349.

Meanwhile, the district officials have declared a public holiday in Pindi Bhatia district, whereas section 144 has been imposed in the voting areas. Simultaneously, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has banned the use of arms during the polling time.

It is pertinent to know that altogether there are six competitors, who are standing in PP-107 sector, but an interesting competition is expected to take place between PML-N leader Sarfaraz Khan Bhatti and PTI leader Nighat Intisar.