Govt to make policy for use of social media: Mohsin

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary Secretary of Information and Broadcasting, Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjhahas said the government was making policy to control misuse of social media.

While talking to media, he said that social media was a source of information but it should be used positively as it has massive impact on social lives.

He said that wrong information should be avoided, adding that such practice was being made with fake identifications.

Mohsin underlined the dire need of code of conduct for using social media, adding that all political parties should also have to follow code of conduct.

Mohsin urged the political leaders, media and social workers to provide public awareness and education regarding social media.

He urged the people to use social media for education, information purpose and progress of the country.

He said positive suggestions from all political parties, media and public figures would be welcomed for making the policy.