‘Govt. interested to continue dialogue process or not’, asks Taliban Shura

PESHAWAR: Taliban Shura, while communicating with Taliban negotiation committee members passed away a message for the Govt. Committee members, that whether they want to conduct the peace talks further or not.

According to the sources, the Taliban Shura asked the committee members to pass away a message to the Govt. Committee members that are they interested to carry on further peace talks or they want to end this process.

Meanwhile the Taliban Shura also said that if the Govt. is further interested to conduct peace talks with us, they should than stop targeting Taliban and other sub-organizations.

The sources revealed that the final decision of ceasefire will be taken after the Govt. Committee comes to a final decision that they are interested in peace talks or not, whereas the place and time of a direct meeting between the Taliban Shura and Govt. Committee members will be decided later.

On the other hand, the sources revealed that the Taliban negotiation Committee has been informed by the Govt. negotiation Committee members that PM Nawaz would observe this issue directly, whereas future dialogue process will be decided by Nawaz, when he will come back from Britain.