Family plays vital role in progress, stability of society: President

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain on Tuesday said that family plays an important role in the progress, security, stability and development of society because it provides the natural habitat required for positive upbringing of a human being.

” Our religion Islam gives special attention on family affair, and if there is peace and harmony in a family it will have good impacts on its surroundings and society,” the President said while speaking to first International Fiqhi conference on “Current issues in Muslim personal laws between Shariah and States’ Legislation,” at International Islamic University Islamabad.

The 3-day conference was organized by International Islamic University in collaboration with Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh.

The President said the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees religious freedom, adding that the non-Muslims are governed by their own personal laws.

He said that nothing could be more relevant and direct than the subject of the conference.

He said that family is the single most important institution that is the basis for stability and consolidation of a society, adding that The Quran contains verse after verse that deal with multiple aspects of family life, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance.

They are directed at the establishment of a harmonious society – the condition of peace and harmony at home radiates peace and harmony around, a much desired goal to be achieved, he added.

“Allah, the Law Giver, has enunciated broad and essential legal principles commanding the life of a Muslim family. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has explained and clarified the same through words and acts, the President said, adding the Imams and the great exponents had further elaborated them catering the situations, that emerged with the great expansion of Islam and impacting diverse societies with a mosaic of cultures.”

He said the Industrial Revolution and the unparalleled and continuing scientific developments have radically influenced the individual and family life, both in the West and the Muslim societies.

He said that one marvels at the phenomal shift from a world divided into insular and isolated societies, to a global village where no society can remain uninfluenced by other cultures, particularly the culture of industrial and scientific domination.

President Mamnoon Hussain said the Government of Pakistan, inspite of more urgent and challenging tasks, remains cognizant of the fact that Pakistan society is at crossroads.

This phenomenon, he said calls for the implementation of remedial measures, such as the update of and reform in the Muslim personal laws.

He said for this important objective, the Government of Pakistan may benefit from scholars in Shariah, experts in law, science and medicine and the judges.

Earlier, Rector IIU, Prof. Dr. Mohamamd Masoom Yaseenzai in his welcome address said that besides various disciplines of Islamic studies, sciences and engineering are also being taught in the university.

He said the university is focussing special attention on teaching of Islamic studies and Shariah where students of 45 countries are getting their education.

He said the university is providing a balance environment of harmony through islamic studies and sciences.

President IIU, Ahmad Yusuf Al Darwesh said that presently 30,000 students are getting their education in nine faculties in various disciplines including Shariah and sciences.

Later, President and Rector of IIU, presented a university shield and a set of books to President Mamnoon Hussain.

Large number of Ulema, academicians, researchers, judges and scholars are attending the conference.