Energy shortfall would be overcome in next two years: Expert

ISLAMABAD: Expert in solar energy, Niaz Kathia said that energy shortfall would be overcome in next two years due to the innovative initiatives and policies of the government.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that the government would also start Reverse Energy Production Scheme that will enable every Pakistani to produce solar energy through the installation of solar energy panel at his home and its onward selling to WAPDA.

Niaz Kathia said that the scheme would be sent to Prime Minister for final approval very soon. He added that besides Chinese, German and Japanese companies; many other multinational companies had focused on Pakistan because of revival of their confidence in the policies of the government adding that a Hong Kong based company had offered CDA to convert all tube wells on solar energy over 20 years’ deferred payment.

He added the government confronted with enormous challenges after came into power, but attached high priority to get rid of energy crisis.

He said that the government had now attracted Pakistani investors back to the country who had fled to other countries due to energy shortage.

He said that the government had established Qauid-i-Azam Energy Park where different companies would install their solar energy generating units.

“In the next 25 years Pakistan would not only be able to meet its energy demands but also produce surplus electricity. A numbers of projects are underway to generate cheap electricity through coal-based power plants,” Niaz added.