Decisions in larger interest of Pak cricket: Zaka Asrhaf

LAHORE: The reinstated Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Zaka Asrhaf has reiterated his pledge to take decisions in the larger interest of Pakistan cricket saying the interest of the country is foremost at every forum of the game.

“All the decisions taken by the previous regime stand null and void and we will be reviewing them keeping in view the betterment of the game and the interest of our country,” he told a news conference after taking charge on Monday after the Islamabad High Court reinstated him as Chairman of the PCB and annulled the committee headed by Najam Sethi and all the decisions taken by it.

“It is a positive and comprehensive decision of the free judiciary which gave its verdict against those who came into the PCB unlawfully,.”

He said adding “I am the elected Chairman of the PCB and I always respected the decisions of the apex courts and now it is also mandatory for others (Najam Sethi) to follow the same to show respect to the courts.”

“Despite being the elected chairman I accepted the decisions of the court in true letter and spirit and stopped working as the Chairman PCB when first time I received such a decision in the past months,” he said “I am the only Chairman of the PCB who has made a come back to the PCB thrice.”

Zaka Asrhaf carefully answered a series of questions put up by the media men and did not give a clear road map on which he intends to run the PCB.

“As per ruling of the court all the decisions become invalid but we will be reviewing them before reaching a decision as it relates to number of important issues,” he said when his attention was drawn to the appointment of team management and selection committees and on some other issues.

Zaka Asrhaf once again termed the BIG-3 ‘not good’ for Pakistan and world cricket saying the previous Chairman, Najam Sethi has taken a decision to lend support to it (BIG- 3) and he would be looking into it keeping in view the dignity of the country.

Answering a question, he said the frequent changes at the highest level of the PCB in recent months damaged the cause of cricket in Pakistan. “I am thankful to Allah Almighty for my reinstatement as Chairman PCB and I will continue my efforts in good faith for further elevating the Pakistan cricket.”

To a question, he praised the potential and leadership qualities of Misbah- ul- Haq as the captain and also termed Muhammad Hafeez a talented team leader. “In my opinion both of them have good cricket administrative qualities as captains and the selection of the team should be through a transparent way considering the fitness and form of the players.

“We have to set our goals and only those should be considered who will be fully fit at the time of selection, setting aside the age factor,” he added.

Answering a question, he said if the former chairman Najam Sethi has some ‘good news’ regarding Pakistan cricket he should forward them to them and they would welcome it and put in efforts to get a positive outcome.

It is pointed out here that Sathi has claimed that he has put in a lot off efforts at international level for the cause of Pak cricket and he would be revealing ‘good news’ in due course of time.