Dacoits loot Rs 6.4 million from bank

DERA GHAZI KHAN: Armed dacoits looted over 6.4 million cash from  UBL branch in the city on Friday.

Four to five armed men riding a car reached the UBL branch at the traffic chowk and entered the bank after overpowering a security guard. They overpowered another security guard inside the bank and forced the staff to open the strong room. They took around Rs 6.446 million cash and sped away their car towards south of the city.

DSP Nasarullah Waraich said that all the exit points of the city were being monitored while search for the dacoits and the car was already in progress inside the city area.

The dacoits faced no resistance during the activity.

According to a police officer, a security guard deployed there said that he was not trained in operating gun when asked why he did not offer resistance.

Source: APP