Culprits of Mansehra gang-rape case held in for four-days physical remand

Mansehra: All three culprits involved in Mansehra gang-rape case, which took place yesterday on Tuesday with a 12th class Intermediate student were sent for four-days physical remand.

According to the sources, all three culprits were arrested yesterday and were presented in the court in today’s hearing, where the court announced a verdict to hold all three culprits for four-days physical remand.

Earlier, a 12th class Intermediate student, was assaulted by three companions of her own friend in a speedy car, whereas immediately after the incident all three accused and the girl who forced the victim in this incident were taken into custody.

After the court’s verdict, all three accused were handed over to police for four-days physical remand, whereas the citizens of Mansehra after the hearing called in a protest and threw eggs and tomatoes on the culprits, whereas some citizens managed to smudge the culprit’s faces by throwing black ink on them.