Courts award decisions on basis of proofs, says Saad

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafiq on Friday said that courts award decisions on the basis of proofs not on the desires of any body.

Talking to media outside the Parliament House, he said that the courts demand proofs for the decisions as it can not give verdict on the desire of any body.

The Minister rejected the claim of the PTI Chairman about rigging in general elections.
Saad said Imran Khan was trying to influence the judiciary by staging sit-ins.

He asked Imran Khan to give response to a fact finding committee announced in the parliament house by him. He said had the party been interested in electoral reforms it
would have come up with an election reforms package in the Parliament House.

He said that if PTI has proofs of rigging then it should present them before the election tribunals and shun the politics of protest.

“We approached the court about the constituencies where we had doubts of rigging and they should also go to the courts.”

He said chairman PTI Imran Khan was part of the Parliament while on the other hand he is levelling allegations against it.

He said a special fact finding committee of National Assembly having representation of all political parties should be constituted to probe the rigging allegations of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf. He said the committee should pick four constituencies each of PTI and PML-N and probe the allegations.