Court to proceed hearing on Rasheed Ghazi murder case today

ISLAMABAD: Hearing on former prayer leader of Lal Masjid, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi murder case will be proceeded further today on Saturday against Pervez Musharraf, who has been termed as an accused in the regarding case.

Former President Pervez Musharraf, who has been termed as an accused tried to file a petition for permanent exemption from the following case, which was later rejected by the Additional District and Session Judge Wajid Ali.

While briefing the Court about the details, Advocate of Musharraf, Akhtar Shah argued that his client is suffering from some serious threats, whereas he fortunately escaped an assassination attempt, while he was being shifted from the hospital to his farmhouse.

On the other hand, the plaintiff Haroon Rashid’s Advocate, Tariq Asad said that the court is well aware of the security threats Musharraf is facing, but he can be produced in the court with complete security checks and arrangements, whereas he also suggested that the hearings of all the following cases charged against Musharraf can be shifted in the High Court building.

Furthermore, Tariq Asad mentioned that Musharraf is continuously escaping from his hearings on the basis of his mother’s illness, whereas when Nawaz Sharif was held as an accused, he was not even allowed to attend his father’s funeral. Tariq Asad argued with the judiciary that the laws should be equal for all.

Tariq Asad mentioned that currently Pervez Musharraf has been provided more security than the president of the state or the president of U.S possess.