Altaf asks youth to give up smoking

KARACHI: The founder and leader of MQM Altaf Hussain has said that social, cultural and ideological development of a society depends on its youth.

“Societies which pay attention to health, welfare and development of youth emerge as prosperous and developed nations and history remembers them in golden words”.

Altaf Hussain said this while addressing the youth on the occasion of “World No Tobacco Day”, said a statement of MQM issued here on Saturday.

He said our country is passing through a difficult time. It is facing challenges and problems and the nation is looking with hope to its mature and healthy young people to steer them out of whirlpool of problems.

He said “the growing trend of smoking among our young people are cause of concern for me.

He appealed to people especially youth to give up the bad habit of smoking and play their role in steering the nation out of whirlpool of problems and conspiracies.

MQM leader asked them to persuade their friends, relatives, neigbours and students to give up smoking habit. People who are physically, mentally healthy are national asset.