Achakzai urges collective wisdom to face challenges

ISLAMABAD: Veteran politician and PKMAP Chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai on Wednesday urged collective wisdom to steer country out of challenging situation it is facing due to terrorism and injustices.

“We are at a make or break juncture. We need to sit together. If we committed blunders, unfortunately we shall inflict irreparable loss to  the country,” he said speaking on a motion moved to discuss law and  order situation in the country.

“The situation is too serious. Perhaps we are not aware of the severity of this situation. Let the Prime Minister invite political leadership and ask them about the solution,” he said.

“Had we been cognizant of the situation, we might have not  played petty politics. We speak emotions here but forget sanity no matter only our sanity can save the country at this juncture,’ he added.

Achakzai said, Pakistan is facing serious challenges in view of the changing political scenario in the neighboring countries and in view of the US thinking towards Pakistan.

He supported peace process and said, war is a serious business and an art and it should be fought for winning only. “But, let us think whether the situation in Karachi, FATA and Balochistan has been engineered by our enemies to indulge our forces into a war within the country.”

To cope with this situation, Achakzai proposed that the only way to  run the country is that the Prime Minister should invite all stakeholders and important sections of society and discuss with them ways to strengthen democratic system.

“And if they desire so, then they  must be told categorically that decisions have to be made by the elected representatives of the people.”

He said the situation is not normal and the government should think thousands times prior to going for an operation against Taliban. “There should be no operation without taking up the matter with Afghanistan that they are hosting our opponents.”

He said hitting anybody with bullets is a crime but alleging an important institution of the country without an evidence is unjust.

“We love our country and our people but what Geo did in six hours transmission is condemnable. Even no lawyer can save them for what they have done.”

He said every Pakistani loves our armed forces but decisions are prerogative of the politicians. That is why I or any elder of my family never supported a military dictator.

“Now, we are again hearing about a selected government of technocrats. But, I warn that in such a situation it will be the last Parliament. If anybody tried to play with this Parliament, it will be devastating for this country. We need to adopt positive behaviors,” he added.

He said Pakistan is our country and we love it. If its people are guaranteed democratic federation and right on resources then nobody can harm Pakistan till the Day of Judgment. “But, if we committed mistakes, the loss will be beyond our perception.”