Abbottabad: 18-year-old girl gang-raped, five accused arrested

ABBOTTABAD: An 18-year-old girl was gang-raped by six ravagers, out of which five accused have been arrested, whereas one accused is still missing, Aaj News reported.

According to DPO of Abbottabad, Muhammad Ali Gandapur, an 18-year-old girl, identified as Samina, who belongs to Haripur was trapped by two who resides in Jinnah Bagh area. They took Samina to Sherwan, where along with their other friends they gang-raped Samina.

The incident took place near Abbottabad, Sherwan Police Station. The police was informed about the incident from the locals of the particular area, who heard the girl screaming out loud.

The police officials after reaching on the incident site managed to arrest five accused, whereas one accused managed to escape from the scene.

According to the police authorities, search operation is underway for the arrest of the accused, who managed his way out from the incident site.