Whatever I claimed about Musharraf is absolutely true’, says Saad Rafique

RAWALPINDI: Leader of PML-N and Federal Minister for Railways, Saad Rafique, while talking to media said that, whatever he claimed about Musharraf is absolutely true and there is no place for doubts in it.

While talking to media, Saad Rafique stated that, whatever he claimed about Musharraf earlier is absolutely true and fixed, whereas he won’t move back at any stage to prove his claims appropriate.

It is pertinent to know that, earlier Saad Rafique, while talking to media claimed that Musharraf, at the time of his presidency carried out many illegal activities, whereas he also executed actions against the laws, rules and regulations, which were necessary to be followed in the Govt.

He further mentioned that, Musharraf is a surprising patient, who on one side claims to be suffering from a severe heart condition and on the other side, he arrives at the court after the arrest warrants are released against him. Saad Rafique claimed that Musharraf is continuously misguiding the authorities and judges, only on the basis to delay the case and the verdict which would be charged against him.

On the other hand, talking about railways, Saad Rafique said that the Provincial Govt. should assure the security being provided on Railway tracks. He also mentioned that, he have written a letter to higher authorities, regarding the issue, whereas he also informed the media that within days or weeks, 800 police personnel’s will be deployed in the Railway police.

On this occasion, Saad Rafique also inaugurated 10 new compartments of the Tezgam Train, which is scheduled to travel from Rawalpindi to Karachi.