Waar’s producer casts Sana Bucha in his next film

LAHORE: A most renowned anchor and Journalist of the media Industry, Sana Bucha will now test her luck in films, whereas Waar’s producer casts Sana Bucha in his upcoming film ‘Delta Echo Fox Trot’.

According to the media sources, Sana Bacha has been signed by Waar’s producer, who announced to release his next film ‘ Delta Echo Fox Trot’. Sana Bucha will be making her silver screen debut with Ayesha Omar in this film.

The plot of this story is based on the life of the Army men who on the field protect their country. Ayesha Omar, Shan and Humayun Saeed have also been caste in this movie.

On the other hand, the media sources revealed that the shooting of the film will start from next week, whereas the production will last till 45 or max 50 days. It is expected that the film will be released till the end of 2014 or starting of 2015.

Meanwhile, the writer and the Director of the film, Dr. Hassan Waqas claimed that this film is totally different from the previous released film ‘Waar’.