Urdu speaking citizens being targeted by terrorists: Altaf

KARACHI: Chief of Mutaheda Qaumi Movement (MQM) condemned the killing of a doctor in Johar Square said that the people related with Urdu community are being savagely killed by terrorists, Aaj News reported.

Altaf Hussain was addressing from London, saying that terrorists are continuously targeting the people belong to Urdu community. He severly condemned the killing of professionals and others citizens in Karachi.

In a statement Altaf Hussain said that terrorists were killing the Urdu speaking professionals in the name of sectarianism.

“Not only highly educated persons were killed but people are also being deprived of their valuables by breaking lockers in broad day light that caused the economical murder of poor people,” he added.

He further said that those people who are involved in these killings, they are the biggest enemy of nation.