Telenor Pakistan to start rollout of 3G services very soon

ISLAMABAD: With a 3G-ready network already in place, one of the mobile phone operators, Telenor Pakistan is focusing on rapid rollout across the country to facilitate its subscribers.

The Company which has won a 3G license in the recent bidding would start roll-out of 3G services as soon as necessary clearance is issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

At joint press briefing, Chief of Marketing, Irfan Wahab and Corporate Affairs Chief, Aslam Hayat on Friday said company’s 8,000 cell site network has been ready for next-generation technologies since 2013 when the company conducted a comprehensive modernization of
its network infrastructure.

He said Telenor Pakistan was granted 2×5 MHz of 3G spectrum in the 2100 MHz band, valid for 15 years and became the fourth of Telenor Group’s six Asian operations with 3G network

He said this is a strong start of next chapter for Telenor Pakistan and a great milestone for our tenth year in operation, adding that the 3G is an enabler of better, faster and more flexible data services and, of course, of Internet for All.

Irfan said the arrival of 3G represents the beginning of a new age of connectivity in Pakistan and added today, barely 1 in 10 of Pakistanis has access to the Internet.

While millions of Telenor Pakistan customers out of total 35 million subscribers base, are using internet services over 2G today and it is expected that this number will soar as 3G is introduced, he replied a question.

Aslam Hayat said increases in penetration of 3G service generate significant economic benefits and mentioned a recent study conducted by GSMA which revealed that a 10 percent substitution from 2G to 3G penetration increases GDP per capita growth by 0.15 percent.

He said with the current cellular mobile tele-density crossing the 73 percent mark in Pakistan, the rollout of 3G mobile services this year is likely to play a pivotal role in
the country’s socio-economic development.

Irfan Wahab said the company has already developed and introduced a comprehensive internet content offerings to its customers, including partnerships with services such as Facebook and WhatsApp. As early as 2009, Telenor Pakistan also partnered with
Tameer Bank to create Easypaisa.

Today, Easypaisa is one of the world’s most successful mobile, branchless banking services and a key driver for financial inclusion in Pakistan.

Regarding increased employment opportunities, Irfan was of the view that new jobs will definitely be created which will span around various sectors including telecom, services, advertising, outsourcing and others.