T20 World Cup: Pakistan sets up the worst record in the series

MIRPUR: The West Indian team proved their gaming strategies to be worthy than Pakistan, whereas the West Indian team defeated Pakistan in yesterday’s T20 Quarter-final match, Aaj News reported.

In the series of T20 World Cup series, yesterday’s match was the worst played match of Pakistani team, whereas West Indies team qualified for the semi-final match of T20 World Cup series.

After winning the toss, the West Indies team decided to bat, on which they challenged Pakistani team to defeat them by acquiring 167 runs in 20 overs, but Pakistani team, by their lackadaisical and lethargic strategies and team play was able to make only 82 runs in 17.5 overs, whereas the West Indies team took all 10 wickets.

The opening batsmen were both crushed out on 0 runs, whereas other Pakistani batsman were able to make only 13 runs in 6 overs.