Session Court orders to register a case against the heinous video of Meera and Capt. Naveed

LAHORE: Session Court of Punjab, Lahore ordered to register a case against Meera and her so-called husband Captain Naveed regarding the heinous video published via Internet.

According to the sources, a citizen named Shabir registered a petition against the heinous video of Meera and Captain Naveed on 24th January, 2014, by claiming that this video is a bad signal for Pakistani citizens and youth and because of this video our country has gained a bad reputation against other countries.

After hearing the petition of Shabir, the court ordered Meera and Captain Naveed to attend the hearing of the case. But, Meera, Captain Naveed and their Advocate missed the hearing of the case twice, on which the court issued arrest warrants against them.

As no particular action was taken even after the issuance of arrest warrants of Meera and Captain Naveed, the court took their final decisions, which was disclosed today. The court announced their decision by registering a case against Meera, Captain Naveed and the police officials who were unable to arrest both Meera and Captain Naveed after the issuance of the arrest warrants.

It is pertinent to know that, during the hearing of the case earlier, Meera claimed that till now it have not been verified that who is in the video and who has published this video.