Sabzi Mandi blast: Identification of the suicide bomber becomes challenging

KARACHI: Identification of the suicide bomber, who targeted, Shafiq Tanoli, has become the most challenging goal for the authorities, Aaj News reported.

The police sources earlier revealed that they have found some finger print samples from the incident site, whereas they have also claimed that these finger prints are of the suicide bomber.

On the other side, NADRA authorities, while submitting a detailed report after 16 hours of investigation claimed that they have no identification record of the suicide bomber in their database.

The report further mentioned that in total NADRA authorities have over eight carore citizen’s data, from which the authorities have gone through every single one of them from their data base, but they could not find a match for the suspected person.

Meanwhile, the investigation agencies have claimed that the suicide bomber, who targeted Shafiq Tanoli does not belong to Pakistan, but he was from another location. They further said that the parts of the body of the suicide bomber collected from the incident site were sent for medico-legal formalities, after which the doctors revealed that his skin tone and other specifications matches from an Uzbek resident.

It is pertinent to know that earlier three Uzbek residents were reported to be involved in the suicide bombing attacks in Karachi.