Quality education key to national development: Baligh-ur-Rehman

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education Mohammad Baligh-Ur-Rehman said Tuesday the quality education played vital role in national development.

He was addressing a seminar organized by AGHAE, a civil society organization here and stressed the need of public private partnership and to use the positive of both to enhance efficiency.

The minister appreciated AGHAE and said that it was assisting government institutions in sustainable development and achieving MDGs besides building communities’ capacities to achieve their rights.

He said that maximum opportunities should be provided to the women, who are usually excluded for being part of development due to complex social structures and rigid behaviors.

The minister of state further said that AGHAE has rightly supported the communities in changing their behaviors with adequate access to services and capacity building in relation to health, water, sanitation and hygiene.

The Minister also appreciated the efforts of the organization to mobilize and enable the excluded groups to participate in electoral process by casting their vote, which resulted in high turnout in targeted districts of Punjab.

At the end the minister said that most commendable are the efforts of the AGHAE where coordination among communities as well as government departments is concerned.

He further said that working in isolation does not help much in this age interdependence Government of Pakistan’s vision 2025 is translated into reality and it is commendable that AGHAE has ensured government to work with it in all the projects, he said.

Source: APP