Protecting dignity of armed forces constitutional obligation of govt: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan here on Friday said it is constitutional and legal obligation of the government to protect honour of the armed forces and security and intelligence agencies.

Talking to mediamen here, he said no one should misunderstand and be in doubt as to where the government stands on the protection of honour of country’s defence institutions.

Chaudhry Nisar said the government strongly condemned attack on Hamid Mir and expressed sympathy with his family on the incident.

He said, “as an Interior Minister it is my responsibility to bring to justice the culprits involved in the Hamid Mir incident.”

The Minister said it was also his responsibility to ensure that dignity of defence institutions was safeguarded.

He said the Sindh government has been investigating the incident and the federal government is extending all support to it.

The federal government has also set up a three member judicial commission which would prepare its report within 21 days.

The commission would hand over the report to the government which would make it public, he added.

The Minister said it would have been much better if the evidence regarding the incident had been shared with the investigation team and the commission so that probe could be carried out in a meaningful way.

But unfortunately, media trial continued and Thursday evening, brother of Hamid Mir, Amir Mir made a statement before the media, he said adding it would have been better if the statement was made before the investigation team and the commission.

Chaudhry Nisar said in the statement by Hamid Mir, it was also stated that Islamabad police did not take action on his complaint on a threatening phone call received by him.

“I ordered an inquiry into it last evening and according to police one incident occurred in 2012 and another five years back. Hamid Mir had not provided any telephone number to police.”

The Minister said although PML-N was not in government in 2012, but he asked all the officers concerned at that time including Tahir Alam and Bin Yamin about the incident and they did not confirm it.

Brother and wife of Hamid Mir were also contacted and they also did not have any information about the phone number.

About the incident of planting of bomb device in the car of Hamid Mir, he said police arrested driver of Hamid Mir, but he was later released after Tehreek e Taliban accepted responsibility. Chaudhry Nisar said media trial should be stopped as it creates misunderstanding.

After the attack on Hamid Mir, ISPR condemned the incident and called for formation of a commission to hold probe into it, he added.

The Minister said the government, opposition and security institutions agree that culprits should be brought to book and without inquiry and evidence, media trial should not be carried out as the enemies would benefit from it.

He said India and United States had launched huge propaganda in the wake of the incident, adding independent media was need of Pakistan, however dignified security institutions were also imperative for the country.

The Minister said, “We should step back, take a deep breath and control the situation.”

“I tried in the past and even now I am trying to cool down the matter,” he said,”I always continued my struggle for independent media and will always oppose ban on any media organization.”

He appealed to all sides to show patience and stop the media trial.

Chaudhry Nisar said the issue of statement given by Taliban to malign the top intelligence agency over Hamid Mir incident was taken up by him with the Taliban nominated committee.

“I protested to them as on one side dialogue is being held and on the other they are maligning our agency.” He said all the intelligence and security agencies are coordinating in the investigation of Hamid Mir incident.

Source: APP