PML (N) govt to rid country of power load shedding: Abid Shher Ali

SUKKUR: Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali here on Tuesday said the PML-N government would make the country loadsheding free for which various practical steps were underway.

Addressing a news conference here at SEPCO headquarters he said that the government was planning to disconnect power supply to areas with the highest rate of power theft. All transformers from the areas, where line losses recorded high, would be removed, he added.

The State Minister said that they were initiating actions against power pilferers across the country under the ordinance made against power pilferers.

Dispelling the impression that action was being taken against any specific province, he said a campaign had been launched across the country.

He said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif only yesterday (Monday) inaugurated additional power units at Guddu Thermal Power house, which will add an additional 747MW to the national grid, completed at a cost of Rs 60 billion. A third unit will be operational in May, increasing the current capacity of Guddu Power Plant from 1655MW to 2402MW, equivalent to four billion units of electricity.

Regarding shortfall of electricity, he said it was 7000 megawatt last year but had reduced to 2,100 megawatt so far with the help of steps taken by the government to end the crisis.

To a question, he said all defaulters have been issued notices, giving them 15 days warning to pay their dues or face disconnections. The minister said that electricity theft ordinance would be applicable for whole country and not for specific areas adding that the production of electricity would reach 18,000 MW this year as 4250MW electricity will be added to the national grid by June this year.

He said if people want no load shedding in the country they would have to pay their dues adding that WAPDA can not afford billions of rupees lose.

Source: APP