PM, Zardari resolve to work for country’s prosperity

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, former president Wednesday expressed their strong resolve to work for the prosperity and economic development of the country.

They also expressed the commitment to respect and strengthen all institutions in order to address the challenges, faced by the country including security, health, education and poverty for a better future.

Both leaders expressed their resolve during a meeting held here.

They jointly reviewed the political situation in the country and expressed satisfaction on progress of ‘Political Institutions’.

It was agreed during the meeting that the people had huge expectations from their elected representatives and it was now, imperative for these elected people to live upto their expectations with priority given to the needs of common man concerning employment, health, education and shelter.

The decision to respect the mandate of people in different provinces was appreciated and the continued cooperation between the Federation and the provinces was also lauded.

The Prime Minister apprised former president and his team about his vision of development and the strategy with reference to Pakistan-China Economic Corridor.

He informed them that projects in Sindh province had been given high priority. A number of projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors in Sindh, had been included for execution on priority basis during the first three years.

The Prime Minister urged that implementation mechanism in Sindh might be upgraded.

Issues regarding various legislations, including Protection of Pakistan Ordinance, amendments in Anti-Terrorism Act and future legislative agenda, were also discussed.

It was agreed that all political forces should develop a consensus on legislation for their effective implementation.

Zahid Hamid was asked by the Prime Minister to carry out another consultative process with all political parties to address their reservations, if any.

The Prime Minister expressed his desire to work with all political forces for achieving these objectives.

The law and order situation in the country, with particular reference to ongoing Karachi operation, was also discussed.

Source: APP