Pakistani Junior Football team returns back to Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistani Junior football team returned back to Pakistan yesterday from Brazil, whereas they were offered a great welcome by the citizens of the nation, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, the citizens who were there waiting for the Junior football team offered them a great welcome, when the team landed on the airport. The people gathered their shouted greeting slogans of ‘Our heroes’.

The family members were also there to receive the players, whereas several political personalities also welcomed the team.

The people gathered there danced and fiddled drums to offer the team player a warm welcome, whereas the people gathered at the airport were gratified from the performance, the team has given in Brazil.

It is pertinent to know that Pakistani Junior football team acquired 3rd position in the World Cup match of football for Juniors 2014, held in Brazil, by defeating American team in all penalty kicks.