Pak-UAE naval bilateral exercise ‘Nasl Al Bahr’ ends at Arabian Sea

ISLAMABAD: The maiden bilateral exercise “Nasl Al Bahr” conducted between Pakistan Navy and UAE Naval Forces concluded at Arabia Sea on Friday.

The exercise was aimed to improve interoperability for strengthening naval cooperation, to accomplish high quality of training with maximum tactical interaction, to explore/provide wide ranging training opportunities in the domain of Maritime Security/Interdiction Operations and to improve tactical doctrines. Both navies were engaged in various harbour and sea based activities encompassing Anti piracy operations, asymmetric threat at sea, above water warfare, maritime air operations, scenario based exercises, tactical games/ maneuvers and Search & Rescue exercises.

The conduct of Joint exercise between Pakistan Navy and UAE(N) in the present geo-political situation, has added significance and it is considered that this will go a long way in enhancing the brotherly relations between the two countries, said a press release issued by Pak Navy here.

Navies of the present day world are increasingly focused on policing roles and sharing of resources for maritime security operations against asymmetric threats viz contemporary challenges like terrorism, piracy, narcotics, arms and human smuggling which have greatly impacted the maritime environment. Pakistan Navy is engaged in Maritime Security Operations in the vital region of North Arabian Sea which enhances national and global economy through maintenance of legitimate maritime order at sea.

Pakistan Navy’s outreach to regional and global navies in respect of defence collaboration is a potent mean to advance nation’s foreign office policy objectives.

Source: APP