‘Pak-Army is not contended on the release of Taliban prisoners’, says Prof. Ibrahim

PESHAWAR: Prof. Ibrahim, a member of Taliban negotiation committee, while talking to media in Peshawar said that the Pakistan Army authorities are not contended on the release of Taliban prisoners.

While talking to media, Prof. Ibrahim mentioned that the Pak-Army authorities do not want Taliban’s to get released from their custody, as according to them, the release would be a great loss for the nation.

Furthermore, Prof. Ibrahim said that the negotiation talks between the Govt. negotiation committee and the Army authorities, in regard to the release of the Taliban prisoners, did not go well, whereas we are looking forward to make the Army authorities to meet our strategic point of views for the release of those prisoners.

Additionally, Prof. Ibrahim mentioned that negotiation talks between Taliban and the Govt, is the only solution to bring peace within the country.

Talking about the next meeting with the Taliban’s, Prof. Ibrahim said that, we have not received any communicated message from the Taliban Shura Committee, whereas we are in contact with some of their members and will soon decide the date and venue of next upcoming meeting.