‘Nawaz Sharif is seriously working for peace within the country’, says Prof. Ibrahim

LAHORE: Member of Taliban Negotiation Committee and leader of Jamat-e-Islami, Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim said that Nawaz Sharif is concerned about the existence of peace withing the country and he is doing his best to eliminate security threats.

While addressing to media in an event conducted to honor former leader of Jamat-e-Islami, Munawar Hassan, Prof. Ibrahim said that Nawaz Sharif is serious about bringing peace within the country, whereas for it he is working on those devastating policies imposed by Pervez Musharraf, due to which the peace within the country was damaged rigorously.

He furthermore said that peace within the country is only possible on the basis of negotiation talks, but not some extreme actions taken against them. Actions could now damage the country.

He also mentioned that Taliban presented their views, as well as their complains they have from us , from which some of them were true. Taliban has objected from the Govt. on the law and order system of Pakistan. They have presented their desire to communicate directly with the authorities, who handle law and order situation of the country.

Prof. Ibrahim said that due to these negotiation talks, Taliban’s are indulging themselves in the law and order issue, on which they have desired to communicate with the authorities. “Things are on slow pace, but eventually it will give a better result at the end”, said Prof Ibrahim.