Nation stands united behind Pakistan Army: PM

KAKUL: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said that the whole nation was standing united behind its Armed Forces and the state despite financial problems was providing the defence forces with all the possible resources to make the country’s defence invincible.

Addressing at the passing out parade of 129th Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course, 48th Integrated Course and 3rd Mujahid Course, the Prime Minister told the newly graduated cadets that the profession of arms they were now beholden to, demanded by its very nature the unquestioned spirit of allegiance and sacrifice embodied in the oath they have all taken today.

“But don’t you ever forget, your nation will stand united behind you. The state despite calls of economy and austerity is providing the defence forces all possible resources needed for making the defence of the country impregnable,” he added.

The Prime Minister reminded that without a strong economy, rule of law and containment of terrorism, a credible defence system could not be sustained.

He urged that they, therefore, have to work together as a nation to achieve these goals.

The Prime Minister felicitating the graduated cadets and their parents said that it was a seminal event that heralded the beginning of the practical lives of the commissioned officers in Pakistan Army.

They had reaped the just reward of their long effort on successful completion of their onerous military training from this great alma mater, he added.

The Prime Minister lauded the excellence of the Academy, its faculty members and staff and said that it was because of their tireless efforts that this course, and many more before this one, consummate of their strenuous training to become officers, the nation can rely on, to guard its frontiers.

He said “Your professional competence and concern for training and welfare of your under-command will earn you their respect and leadership. We all know that your soldiers will smilingly offer the greatest sacrifice under your command.” The Prime Minister said Pakistan Military Academy is rightfully considered a veritable cradle of leadership.

“It is here, that the art of transformation is perfected and raw youth is shaped and chiseled into self-assured and responsible Army officers. It is here, that the trainees imbibe the best values of life to develop into sterling characters. Therefore, the standards set here must serve as the touchstones for all officers,” he added.

He told the cadets that their immaculate turnout today, complemented with the elegant drill movements, unmistakably reflected the enviable training standards and their deep dedication to the profession of arms.

“More importantly, your proud and upright bearing implies uncompromising ideals pursued at this great institution. Let these yardsticks endure and have a ring of permanence about them. Let them be your guide and mentor,” the PM maintained.