Miandad wants players to play for the country

ISLAMABAD: Legendary batsman Javed Miandad wants those players in the team who can play for the country and not for themselves saying if there is any doubt in a player’s mind than he should quit playing.

Miandad said when he used to have tears in his eyes whenever he played at Sharjah. “I had the burden of my nation and I played for my people,” he said while talking to a private news channel.

Miandad said whichever player is chosen as captain should be a new one as it will be either his first assignment or an assignment after a long time. “Pakistan can only succeed if a fair and just captain is appointed,” he said.

Miandad said a player should know if he is not able to play anymore or he is injured than he should opt for not playing. Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar said Pakistan lost the T20 World Cup due to their own mistakes. “We need a good captain,” he said.

Shoaib said nothing is going good in Pakistan cricket at the moment. “We won the 2009 World T20 because we played with unity,” he said. Shoaib said our bowlers don’t know what they are doing. “You got to bowl yorkers towards the off and not on the pads when a player is strong in that region,” he said.

Shoaib said if a player feels he is past his prime, he should leave. “If a player has two or three years left in him, he should be aware of that,” he said. Shoaib said there should be a check and balance in the team.