Majority of phone users to prefer video calling on 3G, 4G services

ISLAMABAD: The video calling and chatting would be priority of majority of mobile phone users once the  3G and 4G services are available in the country.

A recent survey, adjudging priorities of country’s mobile phone subscribers after initiation of 3G/4G services, has revealed that out of total of 7,489 participants the highest votes, 1,810 (24.17%), were given to video calling and chatting.

A high number of Pakistanis either working or studying abroad and it seems natural that a lot of users would be looking to avail 3G/4G service to connect with their loved ones. Even otherwise, due to very social nature of our nation, video calling and chatting is likely to remain the top usage on next-generation services.

Of the total, 1,581 (21.11%) voters said they will use the service for surfing the web while 1,496 (19.98%) users voted for video streaming.

During the survey, conducted by a web based news portal, it was refreshing to see that 1,222 (16.32%) voters said they will be using the service for educational purposes.

Considering the amount of social media activity amongst country’s smartphone users, it is a surprising revelation to see that more users voted that they will use these services for
educational purposes as compared to updating social media websites, which received 1,205 (16.09%) votes.

Interestingly, albeit not surprisingly, 174 (2.34%) users suggested that they will not consider using the 3G service even after its availability in Pakistan.

The auction process for 3G and 4G technologies has already begun, and final round for the purpose would commence here on Wednesday (April 23).