London: A 12-year-old girl becomes a mother

LONDON: Residents of London, a 13-year old father and a 12-year-old mother, who are both enrolled in ninth and seventh class respectively, became parents of an infant child.

According to the sources, both children lies in the category of primary school children and are unmarried. The authorities, due to their early ages did not disclosed the names and identifications of those children.

The sources revealed that the couple is unmarried. The girl turned out to be pregnant at the age of 11 and after 9 months she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

It is pertinent to know that according to the law of London, couples are not allowed to get married, if they lie under the age of 18. It is claimed as a crime. Following this law, the young father and the mother are both unmarried up till now.

The father of the 12-year-old girl, who gave birth to a baby girl mentioned that, at first he was shocked, when he came to know that his adolescent daughter is pregnant, whereas the father said that I encouraged my daughter to give birth to this child and I am proud of her.

Meanwhile, the grandmother of the infant child is claimed to be only 27-years-old.