Lahore: A 9-month-old baby liberated from murder charges

LAHORE: President of Punjab, liberated a 9-month-old child from murder charges, whereas the session judge claimed these charges to be deceitful.

Earlier, a nine-month-old child, Sher Khuwar Moosa, resident of Muslim Town, Lahore, along with 30 others was charged against murder by the police officials.

In regard to this, the child was presented in the court, who carried his feeder in his hand and was accommodated in his mother’s lap.

During the hearing of the case, the police officials, who earlier charged the kid against murder claimed that the child was not a suspect, but a third party gave his name and identification to us mistakenly.

After the submission of the report given by the police officials, the session judge dismissed all the allegation charged against this kid and claimed this case to be erroneous.

It is pertinent to know that earlier the court granted a bail to the child against the allegations charged on him.