Karachi: Matriculation papers unable to start on time

KARACHI: Matriculation papers for Ninth and Tenth grade have been started under the supervision of the matric board, but the papers were unable to start on time, Aaj News reported.

According to the sources, the students in several centers were unprepared for the exams, whereas chits and written notes were also found from many student’s possession, during the checking and exam.

On the other hand, the invigilators appointed at several exam centers themselves delayed the providence of exam papers to the students, whereas at some centers the exam papers were sent late.

Students, scheduled for Matriculation paper arrived at the center before 9:00 A.M, but still were not able to start their paper on time. The students on the other hand claimed that they should be given total time of three hours to solve the paper.

Meanwhile, the students were not allowed to carry mobile phone during the exam, but measure to stop students from cheating and defrauding seemed to be zilch. Many students were seen and caught carrying notes, chits and even complete registers to cheat during the exam.

It is pertinent to know that total 3,25,000 students will be a part of the Matriculation exams and total 295 exams centers including Central Jail have been set up to accommodate these students.