International Day for Monuments and Sites observed

ISLAMABAD: International Day for Monuments and Sites (IDMS) with the theme “Heritage of Commemoration” was observed on Friday to raises awareness on preserving and conserving historical and archaeological heritage sites.

It also aims to bring global attention to the need to conserve monuments and sites as cultural heritage and to “celebrate the diversity of this heritage”.

The theme of the day is “Heritage of Commemoration”. Monuments and sites, including those more complex and diversified forms of heritage places such as living landscapes, are tangible carriers of the memory of a part of the human experience.

Organizations devoted to preserving monuments and heritage sites hold workshops and conferences highlighting the importance of conservation. Talks about the role of monuments and heritage sites in society and education are also held.

The idea for observing IDMS came out of an ICOMOS conference in Tunisia on April 18, 1982. The first IDMS, however, was held in 2001 with the theme “Save our Historic Villages”. The day is supported by organizations such as the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).