India’s Modi votes, snaps ‘selfie’ in latest election leg

AHMEDABAD, India- Frontrunner for prime minister Narendra Modi declared an end to India’s “mother-son government” as he voted Wednesday in his party’s heartland in the latest stage of the country’s mammoth elections.

Voters queued early in 89 constituencies across nine states and territories in the latest leg of staggered voting in the world’s biggest election which ends with results announced on May 16.

Modi, a Hindu nationalist hardliner, voted in the city of Ahmedabad in his home state of Gujarat before taking a “selfie” of his inked finger and flashing his party’s symbol of the lotus flower to cheering crowds.

“After analyzing the election process and the voter’s mind until now, I can say that this time nothing can save the mother-son government… a strong government will come to power,” said Modi dressed in all white.

“All citizens have to take part in the festival and make the democracy stronger,” he added.

The Congress party, headed by Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul, is widely expected to lose to Modi’s resurgent opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after a decade in power.